Gorgeous Petitcollin doll from Alsace.

She wears a big brown silk bow, which is more seldom than the black ones.

See below for the costume description.

People from Alsace used to wear several other types of costumes but this one is the most famous.

Purchased on Ebay in 2003.

Height : 35 cm (14")



Plastic doll tagged "Poupées Philippe". It represents the famous Alsacian regional costume, one of the most represented of all the French costumes, together with the Bigouden (Bretagne).

The headdress is famous - in France, at least - and is made of a black silk ribbon, in a large bow.

The red felt skirt used to represent the catholic costume, while the green one was for the protestants. On the other hand, the black bow used to represent the protestants! Actually, nowadays, the "regional" Alsacian costume is the former Strasbourg costume. There still exist some local differences in villages folk bands.

Purchased in Bordeaux in 1991

Height: 20 cm (23 cm with hat) - 8"


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