Old Basque peasants, by Bernard RAVCA.

Before World War II, Bernard RAVCA represented old people from French regions. I've got several of them, in 2 sizes. This couple is the big size. It is in quite a bad state, the main problem with these stockinet face dolls being the nose, the chin and the cheeks, where the material goes away. But they are still very impressive.

Dolls from the 1930's. Bernard RAVCA left for the US during World War II.

The man wears the famous Basque cap (béret) and the Basque shoes (espadrilles). The woman could be from any area, with wooden clogs and her 'fichu' protecting her hair.

Height: 37 cm (14")


Petitcollin doll, dressed by Philippe. She represents Perigord.

Height: 16 cm (6") without headdress



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