Bengali woman in traditional costume (2003)

I bought this doll on Internet, on a very nice site : Dolls of India, even though I have not yet been to India.

Dolls of India: Life like cloth dolls and more

Here is the information that I requested and got by mail.

"The style of clothing on this doll was typically found on most women in older days of West Bengal. However, these days, Bengali women are found wearing saris in this particular style during festivals and special occassions. The style consists both of the color combination of the sari - a cream-colored base with a red border - as well as the style of wearing the sari. The pose of the doll represents a "Namaste" which is meant to indicate either a welcome gesture or in an appropriate situation, a Hindu gesture of worship. This doll is made fully of cloth and has a stuffing of synthetic wool and a structure made of iron wires. The face is also made of cloth and has synthetic wool stuffing. All facial features have been hand painted. The artist, Madhuri Guin, is a state award winner for handicrafts."

Height : 35 cm (14")

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