'Arlésienne Chanoinesse' by Jean-Etienne Gaumé

Jean-Etienne Gaumé is a young santon-maker who found himself a passion for the Arles costume. Therefore, many of his painted santons are very precise reproductions of this costume during various eras.

This one is the Arles costume circa 1770. The santon is so precise and realistic that it looks like a dressed santon, when it is entirely made of painted clay. The white cap is called the 'chanoinesse'. Over it, a black felt hat during winter, or straw hat during summer.

The skirt is made of 'boutis', this provencal style of cloth. The apron is embroidered, at the Beauvais stitch manner.

She also wears the 'droulet'(red part), jacket with 2 or 3 long sections behind.

Around her neck, a collar with the Malta Cross.

Height: 10 cm (4")

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