Marie-Hélène's Collection

Here are a few dolls from Marie-Hélène's collection (more than 150 dolls), Canada. Each picture comes with MH's comments.

To contact the collector: Marie-Hélène


Inuit doll purchased on Ebay, June 2003. Mother's and baby's heads are made of black soapstone. Her hands and work are in green soapstone. Summer wear. 18 cm.

Native american doll, purchased in 1999 in Pikogan, last Algonquin village left in Canada. "Abitibikwe" doll, can only be found there. Leather, beads, hair is wool. Made to be a toy. 18 cm.


"Apache Papoose". Made of hard vinyl. Feather in his hair, jewels.. Purchased at the Saint-Tite western festival, USA, Sept. 2002. 32 cm.



South Africa

Found on EBay. Zulu doll made of felt and beads. She carries a beaded baby on her back. Made by the South-African Red Cross. Height: 17-18 cm.



Vynil doll brought back from Salamanca, Spain, by my parents in the early 80's. Beads, lace, nice quality. Love it. 20 cm.




Catalan or Aragon. Clay head, cloth body on wire armature, felt clothes. Purchased at Emmaüs in 2002. 23 cm.



Purchased on EBay. Tag: muñeca Angela. Costume from Valencia. Composition, jointed knees. 28 cm.


"Babig-Koant", meaning "bébé Joli" in French, or "Nice baby" in English. Baby from Brittany, dressed by Mme Le Minor in bapteme costume. Purchased at a French antics store. One of the 6 or 7 Babig owned by MH.

SM: Marie-Hélène owns many good quality French dolls, especially dolls from Brittany. However, I chose this doll from Toulouse, mainly because I don't have any.

Celluloïd doll from Toulouse, purchased at Emmaüs. Tagged "Poupées Blanche-Neige". 25 cm.


Lenci mascotte, from Sardaigne, purchased on Ebay. 2003

3 dolls by MAGIS.

- Roma (cloth, plastic hands)

- Trastaverro (Roma area): papier-maché head, plastic hands and legs

- Val d'Aoste:papier-maché head, plastic hands and legs

25 cm


Vynil doll. Brought back from Danmark by my sister, in 1965. 30 cm.





Russian peasant woman, purchased on Ebay - August 2002. Composition and bisque, head marked K&R - Zagorsk. Tag "made in USSR". 35 cm.


Turkish dolls, with a wooden body. They are symbols of fertility. Painted cloth face. Purchased in Emmaus stores. The Musée de L'Homme in Paris own similar ones.



Dolls dressed in silk. Bisque or very heavy composition. Jointed at neck, shoulders, hips. Bought in Quebec at an antics store. 23 cm.


SM: are they Chinese? Or from an ex-USSR asian region?


Chinese doll purchased on EBay. Probably Mongolian. Very rich dress and jewels. Plastic doll.



Thaï doll. Purchased at the Thaïland booth at the Folklore Festival in Drummondville in 2001. Bisque head, hands and feet. AKHA tribe.

She holds a baby in her arms.



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