Gauchos Pair from Argentina

They seem to be from the same artist or firm than the one below, except that they are more richly dressed, and the heads are just wonderful. I got them on EBay in 2003. Unfortunately, the vendor could not tell me about their history.

Papier-maché head, cloth body.

Height: 20 cm (8")




Gaucho from Argentina

I found this one on the Antics market in Buenos Aires. The woman who sold it to me had a full box of dolls: gaucho's wives, Andes costumes.. all in quite a bad state. She explained to me that all these dolls had been made by the ??, a family name which sounded famous in her mouth, but which I had never heard and that I have now forgotten. Another shop tender in town gave me the same name. Any information on the matter is welcome.

Purchased in Buenos Aires in 1995.

Height: 20 cm (8")

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