Santons representing regional costumes other than Provencal ones. They can now be found in several French regions.

The one on the left is the traditional Savoie costume, even if the cap was initially only for the valley of the 'Tarentaise'.

The chimneysweep on the right is a lucky object in Savoie.

I purchased these 2 in St Gervais (Savoie) in 1998. I did not know much about santons at that time. To my big surprise, I recently discovered that they were made by big names of santons-makers. The lady was made by M. Di Landro, and the chimneysweep by G. Devouassoux. The Devouassoux is a famous santons-makers family.

Height: 25 cm (10")




This small doll from La Talaudiere - a small town near St Etienne and Lyon- was offered to me by my parents in the 80s.

It is basically the same kind of doll as the Cevenole: same chawl, same kind of painted drawing supposed to represent the region -here a coal mine, even though all mines were closed some time ago in St Etienne.


Height: 15 cm

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