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The Inuit fisherman -purchased in Montreal in 1995-, on the left, is entirely made of soapstone. It is surrounded by other soapstone figurines: a bear, a seal and an 'Inukshuk': the tag it wears around the neck reads: 'Inukshuk, "Means ressembling Inuit" These traditional Inuit creations are made of massive rock slabs. They are used to guide the way for travellers.'

Height of the fisherman: 18 cm (7.2")

I got the small corn dolls in New Brunswick in 1992. The one with the baby and the little girl was offered to me in 1993. They are really precisely made, if you consider their small size. Strangely enough, I saw the same kind of dolls in a folk dolls museum, and they were written to be from Slovakia.

Height: 14 cm (5.6")


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