Height: 24 cm (9"1/2)

Swedish Bride and Groom by Charlotte Weibull

Bought on Internet (A quiet place dolls) in 2003. They were made by Charlotte Weibull, a famous Swedish cloth doll maker. This pair dates back to 1968. In my opinion, her newer dolls are not as nice.

They came with a complete documentation, even though I am not sure of the region they represent. The Bride seems to be from "Österlen", so I assume the groom also is.

Here is what is litterally written on the documentation:

'In the evening before the wedding, one of the bridesmaids came to the home of the bride to help her to dress. While she was being dressed, the bride was put in a kneading-trough with a coin in each shoe. This was supposed to bring her happiness and fortune in her new home.

Then her apparels were put on one after the other: the chemise studded with laces, the plaited skirt, the silk-edged bodic and the nice lineapron. The apron-band was covered by a ribbon, which had a lovely pattern in red and white and which was around the waist of the bride as many times as the had chests in her dower. On the apron, the "bride-ribbons" were fixed. They were studded with gold and silver laces and the name was embroidered with silk. They were so broad that it was difficult to see the apron. The richer bride, the broader ribbon.

The jacket was low-necked so that the pearl embroidered breastcloth should be seen. Behind the beast-cloth she kept two small silverspoon for the wedding meal.

Handkerchief, knitted gloves and hymn book also belonged to the marriage outfit. A great many jewels were put on her, most of them in the shape of a cross. The biggest of them was given to her by the groom, whn she gave him her consent.

The red headgear was studded with silk ribbons, gold and silver laces, and it was lastly put on her hair, which was hanging loose down her back.

When it was time for the bride to thank her fiddler, she took one of the ribbons from her beautiful headgear and fastened it around his violin. After her mother in law had to cut the lovely long hair of the bride and to put on the big white cloud, which every married woman had to wear. This clout had to cover the hair completely, as the bride was not supposed to be attractive for men after she had got married. '



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