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This page is dedicated to other folk dolls collectors. If you are a folk dolls collector, and would like dolls of your collection to be displayed on my WEB site, just e-mail me pictures or mail me regular paper photographs. I will select the ones that I put on-line!

The first part of this page displays pics from other collections.

The second part is a list of other collectors' WEB sites.


Marie-Hélène's Collection (Canada)







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Other collectors' WEB sites

The International Doll Museum : Michael Cosgrove's collection. Wonderful and huge private collection of folk dolls - Very well-documented.
Ethnic Dolls from around the World : simple page displaying only a few of Ann's 600 folk dolls. Dolls are of a nice quality, and Ann, from Ireland, keeps improving the site.
National Costume Dolls : nice site from a Dutch collector, with updates on a regular basis. She also makes Dutch costumes for Barbie© and wooden dolls.
Natasha's WEB site : an Ukrainian Dutch collector. Her dolls from Eastern Europe are really nice.
Dolls from around the world : the site is very messy but contains interesting links to folk dolls pages and documents .. when links exist.
The King of Dolls : very touching site about Mr. Ljeposlav Perinic's collection, Croatia. This gentleman mailed all the Presidents/Kings/Queens.. in the world, asking for a doll in local costume. The result is a nice collection, where some important countries are still missing: France (now completed) and GB among others.


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