Santons are traditionnally made of clay, in the South of France (Provence). The label "santons" may be used in other countries to name the Nativity characters.

The "santon de Provence" was primarily used for Nativity cribs, but it has now turned into a collection object... or souvenir for tourists. You can find many santon qualities and many different characters. Nowadays santons makers tend to imagine new situations and more modern characters. They also make them taller and bigger. Nevertheless, the real "Santon de Provence" is still dressed as people used to in the 19th century.

You can find small santons entirely made of clay, or bigger santons dressed with real clothes. I personnally collect only dressed santons, but I also have some nice examples of small santons.

Aubagne is the heart of the santon area.


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Cobbler Barrelmaker Town Crier Baker

Clog-maker Wheat Gathering Lavender


Cobbler by Marie-Christine

Barrelmaker by Marie-Christine

Tambourinaire (Town Crier) by Marie-Christine

Baker by Marie Noël

Clog-maker by Marie Noël

Wheat gathering by Lise Berger

Lavender Peddler Woman by Daniel Scaturro

  Provence characters    
  Gypsy beggar Petanque Playe Gypsy Mother and Baby  

Gypsy by Marie-Chistine

Petanque Player

Gypsy Mother and baby by Maryse di Landro

  Scenes from Provence life    

Kitchen by Marie Noël


  Painted Santons    

Arles Woman Hunter and 'Rabassié'



1770 Arles Costume by Jean-Etienne Gaumé

Rabassié and Hunter by Isoline Fontanille

Gardian by Isoline Fontanille



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